Wrapper.py is a Minecraft server wrapper written in Python. It supports plugins, IRC bridges, backups and more, making hosting vanilla servers easier.



Wrapper.py plugins can be very similar to Bukkit or Spigot plugins, including commands, changing gameplay elements, and more.


Because Wrapper.py keeps the original vanilla server jar, the server remains lightweight and doesn't have extra bulk.

Proxy Mode

Wrapper.py uses a proxy mode similar to BungeeCord for allowing extra functionality that would be otherwise impossible on a vanilla server.


Connect your Minecraft Server to an IRC server so that you can communicate with players when not on the server.


Keep your world safe without doing any extra work - Wrapper.py can handle backing up your world and other data, and will delete the oldest ones when you hit your specified limit of backups.

Web Interface*

Control your Minecraft server anywhere through the web interface. Reboot the server, chat with your players, change worlds, moderate the server and much more.*